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We are consultants, educators and leaders dedicated to unlocking potential in people and businesses

As business leaders and experts in the fields of business strategy, organizational design, and human psychology, we believe that the arena of business provides a phenomenal platform for evolving ourselves and our world. By tapping into our human spirit, creative intelligence, and will to serve, conscious businesses can be vehicles for our collective good.  Actualizing ourselves and our business requires us to harness our purpose, humanity, and creativity.

The old business paradigm focused primarily on financial performance and saw people as cogs in the wheel of the business machine. The new conscious leadership paradigm aims to unleash human potential and sees businesses as living systems. The new norm is to empower everyone in the organization to self-organize, serve others, and continually innovate. Businesses based in this new mindset have flourishing workforces that take pride in the business's contribution to the world. Look around - a few such businesses exist today. They've achieved astounding financial success, customer loyalty, and overall sustainability. They inspire us.

Our work helps businesses actualize their potential through leadership, strategy, and culture evolution. We work with leaders who desire to shift into conscious leadership, build an organization where people thrive, and create extraordinary outcomes for society and the world.

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Soren Eilertsen, Ph.D.

Principal Consultant, Founder & CEO


Lee Cholodenko

Executive Director & Senior Consultant


Daniel Paauwe

Director of Operations

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