Consulting Services

We are a boutique consulting firm who works with business leaders as trusted partners to create extraordinary outcomes

As experts in leadership, strategy and innovation, we work as partners to engaged leaders - providing inquiry, insight and methodologies to build innovative and conscious businesses that better our world. Vision and strategy unfold from deep exploration of the essence, purpose and intentions with the organization’s leaders. We do not believe in dropping large compendiums of strategy at your door. We become trusted partners in evolving your business into its highest potential.

While success is always measured by terms set by our clients, we have specific experience and talent in uncovering an essential vision, creating a unique value position, generating loyal customers, and instilling a meaningful work culture.

Our consulting focuses on key aspects of conscious leadership and innovative business:

Awareness & Presence

Self-awareness and the ability to be present are fundamental to conscious leadership. We help leaders understand their own reactivity and develop the capacity for deeper presence and authenticity.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is essential for innovation and business longevity. Our work helps leaders gain insight into their own thinking and biases as well as frameworks to unlock strategic potential that can positively alter their organization’s future.

Servant Leadership

Servant leaders learn to transcend their own limited self-interest and become evangelists for the wellbeing of others and the collective. As resources for others, servant leaders remove obstacles so others are inspired to serve the organization’s higher purpose.

Clarity of Vision & Strategy

True leaders in today’s world must be capable of crafting and communicating strategy. We help leaders hold a holistic and integral view of the business and clarify the key pillars of strategy to create a container of meaning and a decision criteria for navigating the core aspects of the business. 

Agility & Innovation

While all organizations want to innovate, the ones that succeed focus on aligning their leadership, clarifying their strategy, and harnessing creativity across all levels of the organization. We help leaders build the foundation on which innovation can flourish sustainably within their businesses.

"Life is Great" Culture

We all know the saying that “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Yet developing a thriving culture is perhaps the most challenging task in business. We help actualize “life is great” cultures with collective meaning and focus on enabling individual contribution and growth.

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