The Kollner Academy

Kollner Academy offers leadership development programs to unleash conscious leaders in your organization

Our experiential programs help leaders unfold potential and thrive amidst today's business complexities and challenges. Leaders gain heightened self-awareness, critical thinking skills, and the business acumen required as change makers in a new world.

More than ever, we need business leaders to be missionaries instead of mercenaries. The world demands leaders who are authentically in touch with our humanity and are committed to advancing societal wellbeing. Fundamentally, leadership and human development are the same. Leaders must continuously develop themselves and be resources for others to evolve. While some may say this is not a role for business, we believe this is essential for growing your business and our best chance at advancing society.

Leadership development for the past two decades has often adopted an “outside-in” approach, focusing on behavioral management and quick fixes. While it may yield short-term results, this approach rarely leads to true development or systemic change. One may learn how to quell bad habits temporarily without ever truly understanding their root sources. 

In contrast, an integral and whole-picture view of human and leadership development provides insight into the power and effectiveness of an “inside-out” approach, which seeks to cultivate understanding of self as foundational to impact, creativity, and innovation. An “Inside-out” model forwards regenerative thinking and offers a humanistic model for understanding the purpose of business - to unleash human creativity and potential.

Through our inside-out approach, we offer innovative education, immersive developmental experiences, coaching, and timely support to help leaders raise consciousness around leadership, strategy, and culture to enable purpose-driven, creative, and thriving people and organizations.

Our Programs

Our programs develop mastery in the key areas of conscious leadership.


Regenerative Leadership

The Regenerative Leadership program guides you on an explorative journey to understand the beliefs, principles and concepts that influence your leadership approach and provides tools for sharpening decision making and strategic thinking. 


The Basics of Self-Mastery

This course provides foundational tools for us to understand our inner dynamics so we can make more conscious choices about how we engage with life and within the organization. Regardless of where we are in the development journey, evolving our self-mastery uplevels our leadership.


Setting Business Context

This program unlocks an organization’s strategic core, aligning thinking, action, and belief  to foster individual and collective growth. Integrating recent advances in regenerative, integral, and agile thinking, this program equips leaders with holistic frameworks and tools to navigate strategic challenges adeptly, awaken organizational potential, and engage members effectively in serving the mission and customers.

Use Kollner Group if you need experts in strategy and organization development. I highly recommend their talent and integrity.

Christopher Forman
CEO, Decurion Corporation

The best consultant I have ever worked with. He goes deep and helps us achieve amazing results by opening our eyes to the potential. A master at building and retaining trust! Our Yoda!

Mike Mastro
CEO, Firefighters First Credit Union

Guided our leadership team and brought significant value to each of us and to the company.

Ray Landy
President, AECOM Design

Treasured and trusted advisor and coach - helped manage us out of many difficult situations.

Lynda Weinman
Chair and Co-founder,

Through a very strategic way of thinking, helped me to personally improve my performance as Chairman and helped take our organization to a higher level of performance and execution.

Jerry Horwedel
Chair, Firefighters First Credit Union

Soren Eilertsen is a world class mentor and leader. His vast business experience and grasp of my business challenges have had immeasurable impact, and his personal guidance has enabled me to grow as a leader.

Jim Kirkland
Director of Service, American Suzuki Motor Corporation 

Soren's executive guidance and advice have been invaluable to and me personally over the past years. He has a remarkable ability to step into difficult situations as well as step up to take on interim leadership in critical areas of the organization. As an example, he oversaw one of the most successful acquisitions and integrations that I have ever seen. I couldn't have done it without him!

Eric Robison

Thank you for your leadership in establishing our international industry CEO network. Your solution to my need for industry intelligence was brilliant. The network gives me immense value. Your facilitation is first-class and creates new insights that drive our business and the industry forward.

John A. Tonnes
CEO, Nordisk Film Biografer

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