Setting Business Context


Understanding business and systems dynamics as a basis for leadership and transformation

To call ourselves business leaders in today’s world, we must be capable of crafting and communicating strategy. Strategy is the communications “glue” of the business. Yet, few leaders feel adept in the field of business strategy. The discipline has not evolved nor kept pace with the information revolution and societal evolution. Strategy today requires more than market positioning and SWOT and competitor analyses - it must include clarity of purpose and vision and take into consideration the importance of culture in creating sustainable organizations. In this way, strategy becomes the central intelligence and guidance system for a business’s actions.  

The job of the leader within business of the new paradigm is to create containers of meaning and purpose in which teams self-manage and self-organize. The result is teams that are empowered to take on new challenges with enthusiasm and passion within a culture of learning and development.  

This program unlocks an organization’s strategic core, aligning thinking, action, and belief  to foster individual and collective growth. Integrating recent advances in regenerative, integral, and agile thinking, this program equips leaders with holistic frameworks and tools to navigate strategic challenges adeptly, awaken organizational potential, and engage members effectively in serving the mission and customers.

Set the Context for Growth

The Strategy Development Program will help you:

Consider and design the rules in the game of business


Align around organizational values and purpose


Bring holistic awareness to your current business situation


Examine and develop the business as a living system


Articulate a concise vision and an agile strategy


Assemble and communicate a business plan


The Program

  • 12-week program
  • Live meetings over video will take place once per week for 12 consecutive weeks
  • In addition to live calls, participants will be given assignments to complete between meetings
  • The program is highly interactive
  • The program is facilitated by our leadership team

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