Basics of Self-Mastery


The Basics of Self-Mastery is an experiential program designed for leaders in organizations to enhance self-awareness and leadership presence

This course provides foundational tools for us to understand our inner dynamics so we can make more conscious choices about how we engage with life and within the organization. Regardless of where we are in the development journey, evolving our self-mastery uplevels our leadership.  

We all face organizational issues such as lack of engagement, dysfunction, and egoic behaviors, which are often caused by a lack of self-awareness and self-management. Most of us never learned how to deal with our emotional system and reactivity, yet our internal state impacts our everyday life and leadership at work. In fact, self-mastery is the key for us to thrive as individuals, unleash our creativity, and consider others. 

This course is developed by business leaders for business leaders and introduces a collection of time-tested practices. The course utilizes the book, The Practice of Self-Management, based on work over several decades at Decurion Corporation. 

Developing Conscious Business Leadership

In this twelve-week course, you will learn how to:

Understand internal reactivity


Accept reality (“what is”)


Challenge assumptions and unlock new perspectives


Overcome victimhood


Develop skillful listening and speech


Enhance connection and compassion


The Program

  • The Basics of Self-Mastery is a 12-week program
  • Live meetings over video
  • In addition to live calls, participants will be given practices and assignments to complete between meetings
  • The program is interactive and includes discussion, small group interaction, journaling, and guided meditations
  • The program is facilitated by our Kollner Group leadership team

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