Basics of Self-Mastery


This experiential program provides the foundation for developing yourself as a conscious leader

Awareness, presence, and compassion are the fundamental pillars of conscious leadership, yet many leaders do not know themselves well enough to cultivate these states of being. 

This experiential program provides the basic building blocks to gain deeper self-awareness such that you understand your own personal reactivity and expand your capacity to be present and compassionate with yourself and others. 

The results are stronger relationships, improved communication, evolution towards a thriving work culture, and a better experience at work for you - with more peace, ease, and clear thinking. 

The Basics of Self-Mastery is based on our decades of experience facilitating leadership development for organizations across the world, and the book The Practice of Self-Management, written by our friends Bryan Ungard and Chris Forman of the Decurion Institute.

Developing Conscious Business Leadership

The Basics of Self-Mastery Program will help you:

Develop Greater Self-Awareness


Gain Tools for Managing Your Reactivity


Hone your Presence & Focus


Increase your Ability to Consider Others


Learn Practices for Centering Yourself


Strengthen Your Relationships & Communication


The Program

  • The Basics of Self-Mastery is a 12-week program
  • Live meetings over video will take place once per week for 12 consecutive weeks
  • In addition to live calls, participants will be given daily practices and assignments to complete between meetings
  • The program is interactive and includes discussion, small group sharings, journaling, and guided meditations
  • The program is facilitated by our leadership team

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