How to Think Strategically


Develop yourself as a strategic thinker and conscious business leader

Few leaders understand the relationship between leadership and strategy. It is becoming more widely understood that personal perspectives and blindspots impact strategic thinking and the degree to which strategy implementation is successful within organizations. Addressing one’s own mental dispositions, biases and worldviews can unlock opportunities for personal and business growth. 

How to Think Strategically guides you on an explorative journey to understand your own mental models that impact the way you approach and implement strategy and provides practical tools for sharpening decision making and strategic thinking.

Become a Strategic Thinker

The Strategic Thinking Program will help you:

Develop strategic proficiency


Learn the language of strategy


Reveal hidden blocks to strategy implementation


Understand personal worldviews and biases


Develop your leadership capacity


Deepen your understanding of strategy


The Program

  • How to Think Strategically is a 12-week program
  • Live meetings over video will take place once per week for 12 consecutive weeks
  • In addition to live calls, participants will be given assignments to complete between meetings
  • The program is interactive and includes discussion and small group sharings
  • The program is facilitated by our leadership team

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